OSX Mountain Lion slow wake-up problem

ml-yawnFinally, I get to post something a little lighter and more simplistic than the normal technical posts. Many who know me know that I am an Apple Aficionado and Connoisseur (I will post about my collection some day when I have time), but I am by no means a 'fanboy'. When I have an issue with one of my Macs, I am usually pretty vocal about it on Apple's forums or through social media. I noticed some odd behavior somewhat after I upgraded to OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion with respect to the resume time from a sleep state for my MacBook Air. Prior to the upgrade, my laptop would resume in a second or less and allow me to type my password and login. After the upgrade, it took far longer - not as long as a Windows machine, but still not what it once was. I kept putting off looking into it due to more pressing issues with clients, but I finally took the time today. What I discovered is that the culprit was the new "Power Nap" feature introduced in Mountain Lion.

What is "Power Nap" you might ask? Something that is absolutely useless and unnecessary, yet Apple decided it was wise to include it in OSX 10.8. Perhaps it makes sense on iMacs or other desktop units, but not on laptops. In a nutshell, "Power Nap" allows your Mac to do things while it is technically asleep like fetch emails, update calendar items and such. Basically, it negates the whole purpose behind sleep mode. If you want the whole writeup on "Power Nap" check out the Apple KB Article on it here:

Anyway, to get rid of the problem, just disable "Power Nap".

  1. Open System Preferences (from the Apple menu on the top left of your Mac)

  2. Click 'Energy Saver' (the CFL Lightbulb Icon usually on the second row, third one from the left)

  3. Click the 'Power Adapter' tab (as opposed to the Battery tab that opens by default)

  4. Uncheck the 'Enable Power Nap while plugged into a power adapter' (see image below)

  5. Close 'System Preferences' (and test to make sure this worked for you!)


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