Companies are looking to add Cloud Skills to their IT talent pools in 2012

IT StaffIn a recent study by CompTIA that spanned 500 IT and business professionals as well as 400 IT firms, statistics showed that companies are looking to modify current job descriptions to include Cloud technology skills. Wait a second, you're saying that an organization which profits from the certification of IT skill sets commissioned a study that points to an increase in the need for certification of skill sets? Say it isn't so! Aside from the obvious vested interest, I have seen this pattern on the rise in many companies that I consult for. More and more companies are recognizing that Cloud skills will be vital to their technology toolbox, and they are starting to include these skills in job descriptions at all levels. It can be reasonably inferred that possessing these skills will drastically improve a person's ability to seek out new employment, or move up within their existing company.

According to the survey, the following skills and roles have been added to IT departments:

  • Skills to build private clouds            69%

  • Departmental liaisons                        64%

  • Integration specialists                       63%

  • Cloud architect                                   61%

  • Compliance Specialist                       44%

Growing Cloud requirements are forcing companies to add new skill sets to their IT groups, and suppliers of these services are looking to increase their credentials in the Cloud space. This can be a difficult task to accomplish, however, as the Cloud landscape has fragmented above and beyond the ever present problem of Cloud washing. Companies from Oracle to Microsoft have taken legacy hardware and technologies and 'slapped a Cloud sticker on the box' to push product onto unsuspecting customers. Pioneers in the Cloud space such as Amazon Web Services, however, are marching forward and providing increasing information to businesses and individuals so that they can leverage the power and scale of the Cloud with relative ease. Amazon AWS has also recently created a program for certification in Solution Architecture on AWS, as well as two other tracks. Anyone looking to learn more and increase their value to the IT organization should look into the new certification programs from the likes of AWS, CompTIA and others.

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