AWS the Walmart of Cloud? OpenStack the Soviet Union?

[caption id="attachment_834" align="alignleft" width="317"] I apologize for the quality of the graphic. It's hard to find a decent non-raster version of a logo from an entity that collapsed over 20 years ago.[/caption]

During the recent Structure conference, the CEOs from Eucalyptus Systems and Nebula as well as the GM of Citrix Systems Cloud Platforms Group sat down to have a discussion about Cloud in general, and more specifically, APIs. As you can imagine, the two veterans on the panel took the youngster to task on several occasions.

One of the best moments in the panel was when Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mikos responded to Nebula CEO Chris Kemp's assertion that Amazon Web Services was like the Walmart of infrastructure. Mikos asserted that OpenStack was like the Soviet Union - "a collective farm ostensibly run for the good of its members, but where nothing is actually accomplished." 

See the video of the panel below...(I apologize for this being a livestream video - which is absolute garbage. If someone has a link to a youtube version, please let me know.)

Watch live streaming video from gigaomstructure at


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