The end of an era: Iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs dies.

As the news spread like wildfire yesterday through the various popular social media channels, I was struck by the appropriateness that I heard the news about Steve Jobs passing on my iPhone. The iconic founder of Apple computers had been battling a long bout of pancreatic cancer that proved to be terminal. While most of us in the tech world knew Steve was sick and that he would not live forever, it seemed far too abrupt to lose a great innovator and inspirational figure such as Jobs. You can certainly read about the history of Jobs himself and Apple all over the internet today, just as you could have two days ago. The diference is the finality. While Apple will continue as a company, many are concerned that the company may not have the internal talent to innovate and push the envelope of design as well as Steve Jobs did. This is purely speculation, however, as I am sure that Apple has much talent on hand within the company. Only time will tell if the company can continue to succeed without its greatest leader. I am certainly rooting for Apple and Tim Cook because I believe that the spirit of Steve lives on in the company and that even if it takes two or three people to fill Steve's shoes, Apple will make it happen.

Steve, you were an inspiration to generations of people around the world, especially here in the US. May you find peace and strength on your next journey. I will miss you and the world will miss you as well. The world is truly better because of you. Thank you Steve.

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