VMware Micro Cloud Foundry - The Industry's First Downloadable PaaS - Now Available

After a long wait and building anticipation, VMware's effort to provide a PaaS appliance for developers to run on their development boxes has arrived. Micro Cloud Foundry is now available for download at You will need your Cloud Foundry credentials which should have been emailed to you a while back. I have already downloaded my copy and will post a review as soon as I've had enough time to kick the tires a bit.

VMware release copied below.

Micro Cloud Foundry :: The Iindustry's First Downloadable Paas - Available Today!
Now you can run a complete instance of Cloud Foundry open platform-as-a-service on your own computer.

Download your Micro Cloud Foundry™ today at

Micro Cloud Foundry supports Java and Spring, Ruby (Rails/Sinatra) and Node.JS frameworks as well as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis services. It supports both Cloud Foundry's scriptable command line interface (vmc) and integration with the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite (STS), which allows developers to retarget application deployments between on-premise and public environments without code modification.

Micro Cloud Foundry introduces built-in dynamic DNS capabilities enabling developers to connect to their Cloud Foundry instances from any online environment without the need to maintain complex DNS configurations.

Micro Cloud Foundry is available as a downloadable virtual machine image compatible with VMware Fusion for MacOSX, VMware Workstation and VMware Player (available as a free download) for Linux and Windows. It provides an easy install, setup and VM management mechanisms.

To run your Micro Cloud Foundry go to

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