BIG IRON: The Manframe Story (so far)

If you look back to some of the original posts on this blog, one of the ideas that I share with respect to virtualization is that we are seeing an industry wide shift back to centralized computing. We have realized 'the errors of our ways' and are migrating from incredibly sprawled distributed computing infrastructures to smaller and tighter virtualized infrastructures. While we are still using x86 hardware and multiple distributed nodes, companies like VMware are allowing that hardware to operate as one homogenous logical machine. VMware is also taking huge strides in simplifying management across the infrastructure as well as making it easy to port more and more enterprise workloads into this homogenous infrastructure. Does this sound familiar? It should. It's the modern rendition of the venerable, stable, secure and powerful mainframe. IBM Systems Magazine has partnered with CA Technologies to produce a short set of films that document the history of the mainframe from the 1960s through 2010 and beyond. It was definitely an interesting series and I think there is a lot that can be gleaned in terms of business computing, compliance, workload management, compatibility and infrastructure design. Take a look and leave some comments on what you think.

The Documentary Film Thousands of Years and Countless MIPS in the Making

BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story is the long-awaited chronicle of the most innovative and enduring computer technology the world has yet known.

CA Mainframe Chorus and IBM Systems Magazine co-present BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story (so far). This documentary film chronicles the mainframe's origins and storied history with an eye toward its bright future. Each chronological segment features events, photos, video and factoids from Stonehenge and Alan Turing to System/360 and virtualization to System z10 and beyond. Experts, historians and innovators share their insights to bring the platform’s story to life.

Take a walk with us through Mainframe’s past and future history with BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story (so far).

VIEW the documentary by decade, or in its entirety (below):

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