Amazon S3 now to host Static Websites

Although I don't really consider this a necessary core offering from AWS, it's nice to know that they have added a much requested feature: the ability to host static websites in S3. As those familiar with S3 know, there was no easy way to host a website in S3. Going to the root of a URL would display the objects in the storage bucket, and a 404 generating event would show an Amazon error message. The email below explains what the new features are and how to activate them in your account. This is a pretty awesome new feature for those who have always wanted to host from their S3 account.

Dear Amazon S3 Customer,

We're excited to announce new features that make it easy to host static websites on Amazon S3. Customers already use Amazon S3 to host images, video, and other content for their websites, but until now they haven't been able to effectively host their entire website on Amazon S3. That's because even though customers can configure an Amazon S3 bucket as a website, users accessing the root of the website (e.g. would see the list of objects in the Amazon S3 bucket instead of the website's home page. Also, if an error occurred, users would see an Amazon S3 error message instead of a website specific error message. In response to customer requests, we've added support for root and custom error documents to address these issues.

With these new features, Amazon S3 now provides a simple and inexpensive way to host your website in one place. To get started, open the Amazon S3 Management Console, and follow these simple steps:

1) Right-click on your Amazon S3 bucket and open the Properties pane
2) Configure your root and error documents in the Website tab
3) Click Save

For more information on hosting your static website on Amazon S3, review the Amazon S3 Developer Guide or attend the Introduction to Amazon S3 Website Features webinar on February 24th.


The Amazon S3 Team


  1. Hello Friends,
    Amazon is simply nice i always like to work with its services, But I implement it using Bucket Explorer tool and its also working good for me and easy to use..
    It provides many features and setting to handle the content at S3..

  2. Hi friends,
    Amazon S3 website feature is really Amazing and useful to serve your content form S3..I also use the tool Bucket Explorer to set y Bucket as S3 website..