Compellent now bundling VMware Site Recovery Manager with Storage Center

In a move to further disrupt the storage market, Compellent Fluid Data Storage has just announced a partnership with VMware to distribute VMware's flagship Disaster Recovery product - Site Recovery Manager - with Storage Center Systems. This offering provides a disaster-recovery-embedded cloud environment using a cost-effective automated process of moving, protecting and recovering critical systems to maintain business continuity.

“Our enhanced relationship enables Compellent to offer simplified disaster recovery by bundling VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager with Compellent products. The new solution offers automation and comprehensive management to help customers deliver IT as a Service,” Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware.

One of the greatest features of Site Recovery Manager is the ability to run test recovery scenarios where the entire process is simulated in real time in an isolated 'bubble network.' This allows IT and business staff to test and verify full functionality in the event of an actual disaster. Unlike traditional manual backup methods, such as tape, where functionality and consistency are rarely verified, SRM allows businesses to enact a monthly (or shorter) live non-disruptive test plan. This proves functionality and raises confidence that in the event of a disaster, fail-over will occur without issue. These routine drills can also expose other potential problems that would not have been visible otherwise without an actual live test.

Starting at $83,000 (minus support and maintenance), a full Storage Center 5.4 with SRM package can be procured which includes:

  • Clustered Series 40 controllers

  • Fluid Data software licenses including Enterprise Manager multi-site management software, Data Progression automated tiering, Data Capacity thin provisioning, Data Instant Replay snapshots, and Remote Instant Replay replication

  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 25 VM pack

  • Approximately 6 TB of tiered 2.5" 6Gb/s SAS storage

“As businesses turn to virtualized environments and the cloud for IT services, Compellent and VMware are helping these organizations recover from data loss in minutes with less hardware and software to buy and operate. The combination of Compellent with VMware technology provides a simplified, efficient and scalable disaster recovery solution. The continued innovation we deliver for the enterprise increasingly makes Compellent Fluid Data the virtualized storage platform of choice for data centers and cloud computing,” said Bruce Kornfeld, vice president of alliances and business development, Compellent.

The VMware Guy routinely implements SRM for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us to quickly to get VMware Site Recovery Manager with (or without) Compellent Storage, into your environment.

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