VMware's 5 Steps to Cloud Computing

Recently, VMware's Channel Chief shared how VMware will bring solution providers into the fold to deliver and deploy Cloud Computing solutions for their clients. He outlined a 5 step process to get solution providers immersed in the technologies behind Cloud computing and transform their businesses in the process.

Step 1: Deploy a private cloud that allows a business to deliver IT as a service to internal users.

Step 2: Deploy a public cloud that allows a company to deliver IT as a services to external customers.

Step 3: Bridge the gap between enterprise users' private cloud and public clouds offered by large providers such as Amazon.

Step 4: Get into the business of providing public clouds to existing customers.

Step 5: Build SaaS infrastructures that can be sold to Data Center customers.

VMware will be engaging solution providers to build competencies that allow them to deliver more cloud based services to their customers. All in all, the idea is to bridge the gap between solution providers and the large-scale public cloud providers. In what appears to be a play for only a few huge cloud vendors (such as Amazon), solution providers hold the key to developing infrastructures that will solve customer issues and ride on the backbone of the large cloud providers.

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