How to backup and restore vCenter Server 4.x

If you are upgrading from vCenter Server 2.5 to vCenter Server 4, you will need to perform the following:


  1. Stop the VMware VirtualCenter Service, VMwareVCMSDS, and the Database service. For more information, see Stopping, starting, and restarting vCenter Server services (1003895).

  2. Back-up the vCenter Server database. This backup includes backing up ADAM information. For more information, see the vSphere Upgrade Guide.

  3. Backup the SSL certificate folder at:

    On Microsoft Windows 2003:
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataVMwareVMware VirtualCenter

    On Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 2008 Server:
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%VMWareVMware VirtualCenter


  1. Restore the database. For more information, see the vSphere Upgrade Guide.

  2. Restore SSL certification. Copy the backed up SSL certificate folder to the same path on the destination. Create the folder if it does not already exist.

  3. Prepare a DSN that points to the database. See the vSphere Upgrade Guide for your version of vCenter Server to ensure for more information on requirements.

  4. Install vCenter Server 4 and connect it to the database during installation steps. ADAM information is restored by this process. If vCenter Server 4 was installed on the target operating system to restore, you need to uninstall it prior to the restoration.

For detailed information on these steps, see the Upgrading to vCenter Server on a Different Machine and Keeping the Existing Database section of the vSphere Upgrade Guide.

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