Revlon CTO uses virtualization and other technologies to create global network of 'Mini' datacenters.

I wouldn't exactly call it taking a page from Sun Microsystems' Data Center in a box, but the CTO of Revlon definitely saw something in the idea of multiple small data centers in lieu of large centralized behemoths. The resulting masterpiece earned David Giambruno a 2009 InfoWorld CTO 25 award. What is even more impressive is that he used his normal capacity refresh cycle to do so.

David Giambruno essentially created five separate mini datacenters with their own SAN storage and servers to do this. He used the same shipping channels that Revlon uses for their products to ship out the pre-configured mini data centers. Each mini data center can now support local operations and also handle fail over from a remote site. It is a common sense, simple, scalable and cheap solution that every CTO should consider when building strategy for DR or BC. VMware virtualization also plays a huge part in the overall architecture of Revlon's new globally distributed mini empire. You can check out the full InfoWorld article at

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