Want green storage? 3 PAR has the answer.

3PAR customers require only 1 TB of 3PAR Utility Storage to achieve the same results as 2.5 TB of storage supplied by traditional vendors—the same vendors whose products are probably humming away in your datacenter right now, sucking up vital resources that you can’t afford to waste.

Environmental responsibility has never been more important, not just to the environment but to the sustainability of your business and to helping you reign in datacenter costs. IDC estimates that in today’s datacenters, storage accounts for 37% of the total energy consumed. This is why, as you look at ways to reduce energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint, data storage should be at the top of your list.

3PAR Utility Storage is like the hybrid car of the storage industry—it allows you to go further on fewer resources, and to do more with less. 3PAR customers enjoy a combined annualized energy savings of approximately US $7 million. But the benefits of 3PAR go much deeper than this.

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