Will Mac eventually dethrone Windows in the enterprise?

It is well known that as PC sales decline overall, not helped by the underwhelming release of Windows Vista, Mac sales are increasing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, these newly sold Macs are making their way into the enterprise at all levels. Once the pet machines of art, design and the want-to-be elite, Macs are becoming more common place in all areas of business.

Take me for example. Although I was never a Windows fan, I exclusively used Linux on a PC daily. I just bought my first Mac (the new aluminum unibody Macbook) and I am very happy with the machine. Sure, the price was a little high, but I feel as though I got a lot for my money. As long as the laptop stands the test of time the way my ancient Dells have, I will not be sorry that I bought a Mac. I bought my better half an iMac last Christmas and a new Macbook this Christmas, so now we have three Macs. If the refresh of the 17" Macbook Pro is everything I am expecting it to be (primarily a quad core,) I will add that to my collection the day it is released.

Apple is definitely doing things right at a time when Microsoft and the PC industry as a whole is sliding. Steve Jobs is a smart guy, and I'm sure that he realizes this. Steve, if you are reading this, keep up the good work. People are counting on you for so much more than a PC or iPod. They are counting on you to revitalize and redefine the industry.

Recently, a Network World article covered this exact topic. Here is the opening paragraph with the link to the full article below.

"The Mac OS has long been known as an operating system for graphic artists, creative folks and those who prefer to treat their personal computers as, well, personal. Widespread business use is almost unheard of. But lately there's been a lot of discussion that Apple may be about to make a big push into the enterprise market. Here are four stories about people and companies whose positive thoughts about their Windows-based PCs may be waning."

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