Veritas Virtual Infrastructure - Symantec and Citrix Partnership

Recently, Veritas (a division of Symantec,) announced a partnership with Citrix to create a new product which will add immense business value to enterprises in the areas of storage management.  The product will combine Citrix XenServer virtualization platform with the Veritas Storage Foundation platform.  The product will provide a solid single point of management for all things storage related such as block-level mirroring among heterogeneous arrays, SAN multi-pathing and management of block storage within guest virtual servers.  The product will also allow users to share boot images across a plethora of virtual servers.  Because storage will be managed as a pool, users can allocate this storage easily and quickly as compared to standard manual provisioning.  The Citrix platform will allow the Veritas platform to take snapshots of applications running on the virtual machines via Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS.)  Veritas has also released other products to work with this new product from a backup and data integrity perspective.  Vertias Virtual Infrastructure is one of many of a new line of virtualization management tools flooding the market as the adoption of virtualization skyrockets.

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