The Real Penetration of Open Source Software - You have no idea...

While browsing some blogs lately, I came across Jonathan Schwartz's Blog (from Sun Microsystems - the new owners of MySQL.) He talks about a recent situation in which a CIO did not realize that his own staff was using MySQL in-house - on a LARGE scale...

Here is an excerpt:

The CIO responded categorically with "we don't run MySQL, we run [name withheld to protect the proprietary]." The CISO said, "We can't just let developers download software off the net, you know, we've got regulation and security to worry about." The CTO smiled. Everyone else appeared to be sitting on their hands. I was going to leave it at that. Thanks for the business.

Until a (diplomatically) assertive Sun sales rep piped up, "Um... no, I connected with a buddy of mine over at MySQL, and had him check - you've downloaded MySQL more than 1,300 times in the last twelve months."

After a profoundly awkward silence, one of the individuals from their internal development team piped up, "Actually, everybody uses it. Why bother hassling with license agreements when MySQL's got you covered. We're stoked you bought them."

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